Boost Your Grin With The Beauty Smile Trainer

Here is an interesting beauty product for all those who have ever been disappointed with the magnitude or shape of their smile.  We all know that people tend to look more attractive when they are beaming (of course there are a few exceptions).  It is this fact that appears to be the idea behind the Beauty Smile Trainer.  This unusual appliance out of Japan is reported to enhance your natural smile and also lessen drooping in the mouth area.
The rubber gadget fits inside your mouth and is supposed to improve the look of your smile over time.  I am not sure if one size fits all or if there are different sizes for different sized mouths, but it looks uncomfortable all the same. 

Now it would seem that most people would be more than content to see you flash your regular smile, but if you are feeling like your grin could use some strategic stretching out then this may just be the item for you. It should go great with the Nose Shaper.

Source: Gizmodo

Mar 28, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Some will be curious

I'm sure some people will give it a try.