Bootlegger Series Is Great For Any Outdoor Activity

Bootlegger HopperBootlegger Hopper

How awesome would it be to have a one size fits all backpack--a backpack for hiking that you could use for biking and kayaking? That sounds a bit far-fetched, you don't really want a big pack, capable of holding tons of gear, while biking. However, with the Boreas Bootlegger Modular Pack System, you can get it all (you just have to do some easy swapping here and there).

Bootlegger SeriesBootlegger Series

The Bootlegger is equipped with Super-Tramp Suspension that allows it to be the pack you need it to be. There are three pack options with the Bootlegger, the Scrimshaw Dry Pack, the Hopper Day Pack and the Torpedo Hydration Pack. With the Super-Tramp Suspension, switching from pack to pack is as easy as a tug of a strap.

If hiking is on your agenda, then use the Hopper Day Pack, grab your gear and go. Let's say it starts raining. Just drop the Hopper inside the Scrimshaw Dry Pack and waterproof your bag. The Scrimshaw's wet weather protection is also ideal for kayaking and activities in the snow. If you're just going for a trail ride or run and don't need gear, then swap the Super-Tramp Suspension to the Torpedo Hydration Pack, and off you go.

Bootlegger TorpedoBootlegger Torpedo

Of course, the Super-Tramp Suspension system is what makes this pack unique, but the Bootlegger also offers the typical features you would find on a backpack, like reflective print, taped seams, a variable position hip belt, bike light loop, stretch pockets, an internal hanging pocket, compression straps and more. 

The Bootlegger's Kickstarter campaign was funded about a year ago and it is now on the market. You can find more information on the Bootlegger on that Kickstarter page and on the Boreas site, where you can pick up your own Bootlegger.