Booze Tubes: The Best Way To Smuggle Alcohol, Period

 Booze Tubes: Urban OutfittersBooze Tubes: Urban Outfitters

Ever go to a venue with strict no alcohol policies, or an event that doesn’t allow alcohol and you could really use a tasty adult beverage?  Booze Tubes are the perfect answer (if you’re a female), period.

When it’s that time of the month to party but you have to be discreet, Booze Tubes offer the perfect solution.  Disguised as tampons, these tiny plastic tube-shaped flasks can easily be smuggled just about anywhere.  Who’s going to search or question you about tampons?

With Booze Tubes, you simply take off the flask’s lid, fill it up with the alcohol of your choice, slip it inside one of the realistic looking “tampon” wrappers, put the “tampon” in your bag, and voila!

Made of consumer-grade, beverage safe material, Booze Tubes look exactly like real tampons.  Some reviewers have commented that they are a bit longer than real tampons, but unless there is some sort of Tampon Control agency out there measuring tampons, I doubt anyone would notice.

Booze Tubes: AmazonBooze Tubes: Amazon

While the entire concept of this is a bit gross, it’s quite genius.  Booze Tubes capitalize on hiding in plain sight.

I want to purchase these just to see the look on people’s faces as I unwrap what they believe to be a tampon and begin drinking its contents.  

On Amazon, $9.99 buys you a package with five Booze Tubes and five realistic looking and reusable wrappers.  Customers have given Booze Tubes a solid 4-star rating.  Snag yours here.

Urban Outfitters sells a different style of Booze Tubes that are $14.00 for a package of five here.

Booze Tubes - turning tampons into wine (or the alcohol of your choice).

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