Booze On The Links Has Never Been Easier


Whether you're a bourbon or a Scotch man, drinking and golf are two inseparable pastimes that are best enjoyed together. Sometimes it can get a bit tedious carrying your bottle of Dewar's onto the course and sometimes course regulations bar you from enjoying a stiff one. For either scenerio, you'll want to add the Golf Bag Drink Dispenser to your golf toy chest.

What appears to be an unassuming club is actually a faucet filled with your favorite beverage. While the picture here appears to be water, we all know what this product will actually be used to dispense. Hydration be damned.

The insulated reservoir holds 48 ounces of your beverage, hot or cold. The wide mouth fits ice cubes so that your drink of choice is sure to stay chilled regardless of the heat outside.

No matter what the shot, you'll be reaching for the drink dispenser club time and again. It retails for $50.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

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