BOSS's Drive Shot Canned Coffee Contains 120% Caffeine

Long haul truckers, nighthawk cabbies and overnight delivery drivers need to be alert 100% of the time using 110% of their concentration. To do this they demand 120% caffeinated coffee or risk explaining their failure to the boss. Luckily for us all, Japan's BOSS has come out with Drive Shot, the 120% caffeinated canned coffee that keeps alertness high and rest stops low.

Released to coincide with BOSS brand's 20th anniversary, Drive Shot canned coffee comes in unique 200ml (6.76oz) piston-like cans sporting a Ferarri-esque red & black color scheme accentuated by the emblematic BOSS logo.

The cans are made with a central unpainted central section highlighted by two circular ribs, presumably added to make the cans easier to grip by drivers whose other hand is engaged in clutching the steering wheel.

The cans also feature a curious old-school style “caffeine meter” whose needle is permanently fixed on 120: the percentage of caffeine each can contains in comparison to other, more pedestrian canned coffees. According to Suntory (the boss of BOSS), Drive Shot contains generous amounts of milk and sugar added to counteract any bitter taste overtones created by the extra caffeine. Presumably it'll leave you shaking, not stirred. (via 3yen)

Oct 23, 2012
by Anonymous

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