Bot Lets Sick Kids Go To School


Robots can do a lot of things. They can explore the depths of space. They can pick up the trash out without making a face at the truly horrific odor coming out of the can. One thing you may not know is that they can give a child who needs it a sense of normalcy.

VGo, a robot designed to allow chronically ill students to attend school virtually, is doing just that. The bot is designed to do two things, move around by remote control and stream two way video in real time. The camera allows students who would normally not be able to attend school to be part of a normal childhood experience.

While the bots are not inexpensive, VGo costs about $6,000 for the initial investment and then about $1,200 each year to keep it running, but for home (or hospital) confined children it may be worth the cost.

Source: NY Time
Image: Morgue File