Bots Buy More Tickets Than Humans for Big Shows


When it comes to robots there are a lot of jobs that you may think of them as doing. You may think of them as working hard to compact your trash, exploring the depths of outer space or finding out the secrets at the bottom of the ocean.

What you probably do not think of them as doing as a lot of buying of concert tickets. After all they do not exactly enjoy the atmosphere of the concerts, nor do they spend their free time looking for social activities. But as it turns out, the kind of bots without a body do a fair amount of the ticket buying. According to their research they are going accounting for about 60% of the ticket sales on the most sought after shows.

They did not, for the time being they did not say why the bots were buying tickets, but the idea that they are being resold is not out of the question.

Source: Complex 

Image: Morgue file