Bottle Armor Protects Your Precious Liquid Cargo


When you go on vacation there are so many trinkets you can pick up to bring back.  Every region around the world seems to have their specialties and it is fun to bring things back to remind yourself of the wonderful trip you had.  One of the most popular items to bring home from a vacation is a bottle of alcohol.  Like many other souvenirs, each vacation destination has its own favorite spirits and bringing home a bottle or two can be a pleasurable way to share a bit of your holiday with the people back home.  Unfortunately, getting these delicate mementos home without damage can be very tricky, especially when others are handling your luggage along the way.

Bottle Armor to the rescue!  These protective suits for your alcohol are made of padded, leak-proof nylon to help shield your bottle from the abuse that your bags will take along your voyage.  They have a see-through window on the front so that the contents are easily visible.  If the precious cargo should break however, then the heavy duty, double zip-top seal and Velcro fold over closure should keep the liquid from leaking out all over the rest of your stuff.
Handily enough, each suit of armor even includes a corkscrew that is stored in a pocket on the back, so that you will be fully prepared to enjoy your souvenir as soon as you arrive at your destination.


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