Bottle Cap Lamp is Ideal for Light Drinkers

The battery-powered Bottle Cap Lamp from Japan's Ideaco turns most any water or drink bottle into an eerily attractive lamp. Hmm, wonder if it'll turn a bottle of Budweiser into a Bud Light?

It probably won't: the Bottle Cap Lamp's plastic body is threaded in the same manner as standard Japanese 25mm (1 inch) plastic bottle caps. You can always enable the fit with some duct tape, one supposes, but that's for another time and place.

Back to the Bottle Cap Lamp! The lamp body can be used as a miniature flashlight when in a pinch but it shows its true colors – in this case, white, blue, and red – when twisted onto the top of a plastic bottle. And no matter if the bottle is full or has been refilled, as the Bottle Cap Lamp is waterproof.

Each color lamp is fitted with a matching color LED bulb which, along with the three LR41 button batteries, are sealed in a water-tight compartment. The top of the lamp is molded into a ring shape ideal for carrying with a finger or for looping a strap or light chain.

We can thank the creative types at Punto It Design for the Bottle Cap Lamp, with sells for 1,197 yen (about $15) each and, as the packaging states, “is great for outdoors, parties, concerts.” Rock on, thirsty dudes! (via Impress Watch)