This DIY Design Project Is One For The BOTTLEBOY!

You would think that would have tired of PET bottle recycling projects after its PET Lights project. But no, the Viennese design company has created another use for PET bottles in the form of Bottleboy, a simple, colorful, inexpensive way to express yourself, by creating clothing hangers for your wardrobe or coat hooks for your foyer, and saving the environment from a few more decomposition problems.

Of course, you could mount some metal hooks on your walls to hang your handbag or hat when you come in the door. But the Bottleboy has so much more appeal, recycles a PET plastic bottle, and makes a great DIY design project: you can make one Bottleboy hangar or a whole wardrobe full of them!

It's all about the Bottleboy, a polypropylene disk about 2.5 inches in diameter with threading for your favorite PET bottle. (Incidentally, polypropylene is much less costly to recycle than polyethylene terephthalate, aka PET.)


On the underside of the Bottleboy are the cleverly inscribed words:

A Tiny Pet
And Little Boy
My Tooly Toy
The Bottleboy


Once you screw the Bottleboy into the wall, the rest is up to your imagination. But Walking-Things gives you lots of suggestions on its packaging and website, starting with ideas for re-designing your bottles!








And each set of Bottleboys comes with graphic instructions for how to melt and mold your bottles to create unique designs.



As for the design of your wardrobe, should you decide to go crazy with your Bottleboys (and I see no reason not to...), Walking-Things even gives you some neat looking arrangement ideas....





The Bottleboy comes in white, pink, orange and green and is sold in packs of four, multi-colored or same color sets. They cost about $30US per set.

Go for it! Visit the Bottleboy at and at the Bottleboy microsite.

And read this for another super Walking-Things DIY project: PET Lights Could Be Your Next Pet Project.

Jul 31, 2008
by Anonymous


next thing would probably be a small machine that you just put the plastic bottles in one end and program the machine and out the other end comes the finished art or useful thing but to make such a machine small and enviromentally friendly would be a hard job indeed and expensive. Just kidding lol kinda funny

Jul 31, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

not a bad idea!

keep working on that one. maybe it could be hand-cranked!