Bounceroo Giraffe Rocker Automatically Rocks Your Baby For You

Want an automatic baby rocker to rock your baby for you? How about one that can be used on almost everything you put your baby in?

Warren Newton, dad of four, and Innovative Baby Products want you to meet Gerry. Gerry’s formal name is Deluxe Bounceroo, but that’s a mouthful. Gerry is a giraffe who quietly rocks your baby while she is in her rocker, car seat, or crib. Your hands and feet are free to do things like eat, walk to the bathroom, or fold the laundry that has piled up for three weeks. Take your time. Gerry has everything under control.

Newton, the inventor of Deluxe Bounceroo—I mean Gerry—knows firsthand how much newborns crave motion. After nine months rocking in Mom’s belly, movement is comforting, and some babies want a lot of it. And as much as parents want to do everything they can to make their baby happy, we have stuff to do and maybe other children to take care of. Newton has used the last three years to create an extra set of hands to help parents get through “those small times during the day where you have to be in two places at once.”

Gerry Giraffe Can Rock Your Baby's Crib, Car Seat Or Rocker

The extra set of hands is actually Gerry’s bouncing neck and quiet brushless motor. Running on four D batteries, Gerry is portable and has a slide out base for extra stability when in use. He can be used on four different speed settings and on a timer up to 30 minutes. To maximize safety, Gerry’s adjustable neck is detachable and will come apart at the velcro joint if too much weight pulls on the head or body. And if Gerry is bouncing more than the recommended weight limit of 24 pounds, the motor will turn off.


For those with rocking cribs or bassinets, a neck extension for Gerry can be purchased. And a carrying case is available so you can take Gerry anywhere.

There are certainly other contraptions that keep baby moving, but they are too bulky for travel. Deluxe Bounceroo is great for restaurant outings and trips to Grandma’s. Baby can stay in the car seat while Gerry gently rocks them to sleep or keeps them asleep. There is nothing worse than trying to swing a heavy car seat to soothe a fussy baby.

In an ideal world, parents wouldn’t need to rely on battery operated devices to help soothe our children. And some parents don’t. I did. My daughter was two when my twin sons were born and I used every tool I could to survive the first year. The helpful hands of friends and family were incredible, but there were several times when I was holding and rocking two babies at once while my daughter took advantage of my vulnerability. And other times when my coffee was in sight but unattainable—or worse, my beer.

Trust me, I am a hands-on parent, but we all need a break. And we all need some quiet. The fussing and crying is par for the course, but too much will make you crazy. Gerry is more than happy to put his neck on the line for your baby and your sanity.

Where Can You Buy The Bounceroo Giraffe Rocker?

In order to bring more Deluxe Bounceroos to the market, Newton and his team accessed the  crowdsourcing site Indiegogo to raise money for production costs. If you wanted to be one of the first people to have your hands on Gerry or want to be a part of the process for determining the next Bounceroo character, consider people could back the new invention here.

Unfortunately, the Indiegogo Campaign for the Bounceroo Gerry Giraffe did not meet it's funding goals and the campaign was closed on May 5, 2015.  But the creator of the Bounceroo still plans to have a portable baby rocker that automatically rocks your baby for you launched later this year. They have hit some production snags but are confident that folks will be able to buy the Bounceroo soon.

We'll update this article again once we hear of it's successful launch and tell you how you can purchase the Bounceroo and how much it will cost.  In the meantime, you can reach the Gerry Giraffe creator at Innovative Baby Products.   While you wait, take a look at these 5 best rockers for your baby?

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