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My kids love exploring everything and anything. So when I came across the Bounty Hunter Junior on Edmund Scientific, I was pretty excited. My kids would love a metal detector.

This what the Edmund Scientific's website said about the Bounty Hunter Junior.

The Bounty Hunter Junior is a lightweight, ergonomically designed metal detector that can detect coin-size objects up to 5" deep and larger objects up to three feet! It has discrimination control to eliminate iron and most unwanted items.
The Bounty Hunter Junior is easy to handle, comfortable to use. There is a low battery indicator that allows for more efficient treasure seeking. The Bounty Hunter Junior is super fun - start your treasure hunt today! Operates on (2) 9-volt batteries (not included).

When the Bounty Hunter Junior arrived, my boys wanted to use it immediately. We popped two 9-volt batteries and got a few pennies to test it out. It was perfectly sized. The length of the Bounty Hunter Junior could be adjusted to fit both my older and younger son. It was also light enough for the kids to hold it without getting tired. We dropped a couple of pennies on the ground, and sure enough it worked perfectly.

Then things started going down hill. There wasn't anything wrong with the metal detector as far as I could tell (it was the first time I had used one so I'm no expert about them). The problem was that the kids got bored of it quickly. There just isn't that much metal to pick up in my yard. So we also tried it out the next time we went to the beach. Again, the metal detector worked fine but the boys got bored playing with it after 15 minutes. The beach was large and they just wasn't finding the treasure they were hoping to find.

Bottom line - the product worked well but its not the best choice of toys for young children. If you were going to get a metal detector for a child, I would recommend this one but I would also recommend spending some time and putting metal objects out in your yard so your child could actually "discover" something.

Click here if you are interested in the Junior Bounty Hunter. Amazon had it for cheaper.

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Mar 11, 2008
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we found a stone that has a japanese writings on it..we cnt translate it..can you help us?

Jan 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Bounty Hunter Jr.

Just curious, how old were your boys.