Bowling Billiards Combines Two Of Your Drunken Favorites

It's really not that hard to bowl and play billiards in one night. Many bowling alleys have billiards and, if not, any good trip to the bar could be followed up by finishing out the night with drunken bowling.

What's not necessarily that easy to do is bowl and play billiards at the very same time. If you try and hog the pool table while simultaneously bowling 10 frames, you're bound to get accosted by the other townies waiting to play 8-ball. And good luck trying to sink a corner shot while holding onto your bowling ball. Bowling and billiards need to be enjoyed at separate times. 

At least they used to. Up until creative DIYer Steve Wienecke made what's been called the "world's largest regulation-size pool table" (not sure what regulations we're talking about here). As you can see, the pool table, which Wienecke built in his backyard, is a life-sized table on which you hurl a ball bowling-style to break and shoot. And, yes, those are actual bowling balls.

And thus, you can bowl and play pool at the very same time. 

Wienecke calls his creation "Knokkers" and hopes that he can sell the idea to cruise ships, amusement parks and other entertainment venues in the future. Why not? Everyone loves knokkers. 

Neatorama via Trend Hunter