Box Holidays: Grocery Store Style Vacation Shopping

It's so simple to walk into the grocery store and buy one of those boxed packages that provides you with everything you need to get a full, delicious meal on the table. In a world that thrives on convenience, this type of shopping is very much appreciated by many Americans. Apparently so much so that they've decided to apply this to vacation planning as well.

Box HolidaysBox Holidays

Instead of going through the daunting process of booking flights and finding resorts, with Boxed Holidays, all you need to do is literally pick up an all-inclusive box. Much like meal planning kits, the box has all of the details about every aspect of your vacation, and the bookings are done as soon as you purchase. In the box you'll find itinerary information, maps and other details about where you're going. When you shop, all you need to do is turn over the box and see if it meets your criteria for the perfect vacation. The best part? If you're still looking for a fab holiday gift for someone, this is something that you can swaddle in wrapping paper and slap a bow on!

Via: CoolBusinessIdeas