Boxed Delivers Big Box Products To Your Door

Imagine a life where your family goes through Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, and Welch’s Fruit Snacks like they are the only thing left on Earth to eat. Okay, if your family is anything like mine that might not be so hard to imagine. But imagine a world where you could have those things delivered to your doorstep without dealing with the crowds, parking lots—the rage those things may cause—or membership fees of big box retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club. Boxed is a free, no membership fee app that delivers big box products to your doorstep. Without the rage.

Mobile gaming expert, Chieh Huang, created Boxed with a team of very smart developers. They used their knowledge from the gaming world to create an app that has something other mobile commerce apps do not: targeting and customization capabilities. I’ll keep the nerdy stuff out of it, but what this means is that these guys created an app that is easy to use and feels tailor-made just for you, the user. All on your smart phone.

Boxed touts it will save you time and money by purchasing big box items from the convenience of, well, anywhere. It is only available as an app, but it’s free to download and there are no membership fees. And if your order meets the minimum amount, delivery fees are free too; shipments arrive in 2-3 days. Sounds perfect, right?

I have a family of five: three kids, two adults. Each week we go through a lot of food, diapers, and toilet paper. My twin boys are only a year old and we can barely afford to feed them now. God help us when all of my kids are teenagers. To make stuff more affordable, though, we buy in bulk using our Costco and Amazon Prime memberships. For the most part, the money we save through both retailers covers the membership fees and then some. But what if I didn’t need to pay membership fees to get the same stuff delivered to my door?

I wanted to see how perfect Boxed really is, so I downloaded the app. It’s super easy to use. The shopping categories make sense, the news and deals of the day are very helpful, and I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to find what I need. But before I got too excited by the prettiness and peaceful solitude of it all, I picked a few things I normally buy at Costco or Amazon and compared them to Boxed prices.

Overall, I found most things on Boxed to be about the same or a bit more expensive than I normally pay. But with deals, promo codes, and no membership fees that may even things out. I was pleasantly surprised to find more organic food and green cleaning supplies than I do at Costco—all of which were cheaper on Boxed than if I got them at a grocery store or specialty market.

And Boxed would save me time and the trouble of packing my kids into the car for a trip to the warehouse. The Boxed website claims people spend an average of 180 minutes on a trip to and from a big box warehouse. I could do a lot more stuff with my time than deal with putting kids into car seats, fighting crowds, and then loading and unloading a carload of stuff.

I will absolutely use Boxed, but I won’t be getting rid of my Costco membership. Boxed may be good for a lot of products, but I will still get my money’s worth at Costco on perishables like fruit, veggies, meat, and milk—we really do feed our kids more than Goldfish and macaroni and cheese.

Boxed is a great solution for families who want to buy in bulk but don’t have a car to haul it all home. Or for families who don’t live near a wholesale warehouse. Boxed will be a great addition to my arsenal of ways to save money and time when buying big box products, but until they can also deliver perishable food to my doorstep, I will still need a Costco membership. Besides, Costco also offers a foot long hot dog and a soda for $1.50 and that’s really the only meal out I can afford these days.

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