Box-O-Box Care Packages For Your Favorite Slacker…Err, College Student

When someone you love is away at college, it's nice to send them a care package to let them know you care. Starving students appreciate the food, drinks, clothing and money that typically come in care packages more than the gesture, but not when the contents of the care package suck. Box-O-Box is an innovative new company that specializes in creating unique, themed care packages that won't end up in the garbage (they hope).

Box-O-Box assembles care packages that are fitting to themes that many college students face in their daily lives; hangovers, all-nighters and parties. Parents and friends can make sure that their college student doesn't become a starving student as they get through the rigors of college life. Sure, you could put together your own care package; but according to Box-O-Box, they usually suck; are you sure yours are an exception?

Box-O-Box college care packages are put together with specific themes in mind, and the products that they contain are well thought out and unique. Many of the care packages are available in size small or large, ranging from $20-$50 USD for their unique compilation of care items. The most notable college care packages offered by Box-O-Box are the All-Nighter, which is packed full of snacks and drinks that are designed to provide energy; the Feel Better, which contains items for cold season like chicken noodle soup, lozenges, tea and more; and the Retro, which is likely to bring the too-cool college student back to their childhood with sea monkeys, bazooka bubble gum, slinkies and ring pops.

Box-O-Box is also coming out with some interesting new college care packages, like the Detox-O-Box, Dirty No More and Beach Bum. Worried moms and dads can order their starving student's care packages on the Box-O-Box website for present or future delivery, which are even made even more fun since they are accompanied by hilarious "How To" guides that fit the theme of the care packages.

Box-O-Box offers a unique product, but if you're uncertain of which theme care package to send to your budding academic; money is always a safe bet.