The Boy’s Toilet Trainer Helps Your Little Guy Learn To Pee Standing Up


As I have mentioned before, I have a little girl.  So, while potty training was rough and quite drawn out, I have not experienced potty training a boy.  I hear that it can be even more of a challenge, especially because you have the added task of teaching your toddler how to use the toilet standing up.



For anyone who is about to or currently going through this parenting rite of passage there is a new product on the market designed to make the ‘standing and peeing’ portion a bit more convenient.  The Boy’s Toilet Trainer from Tippitoes is a device that clips to the edge of most standard toilets.  It gives your toddler boy a spot that is at his level to stand and pee, so that he doesn’t have to climb up on a step stool first. 



The gadget comes with a variety of clip sizes, so that you can pick the one that best fits your toilet.  It is said to be easy to lift to pour the contents into the bowl and can be rinsed clean.




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