New BraDryer To Be Customized To Your Bra Size!

From 32 to 42, from B to DD, the BraDryer will have a shape just like yours... or your bra's anyway.

The device, intended to save women money, ultimately, is designed to dry bras without shrinking them, distorting underwires, or wrinkling the padding It is the brainchild of a woman named "Katy," who spends a considerable sum of money on her bras and doesn't want to see them destroyed by the process of drying... even hanging them up to dry distorts their shape.

So the company,, has come up with a design and a technology for the BraDryer, for which they have already designed an infrared heating system and means to adjust cup sizes.







BraDryer is patent pending, and the company is seeking investors to manufacture the device or to license the BraDryer.

I think the BraDryer is ingenious, but what do I know?



Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Is it expensive to buy and use?

I was wondering how much the BraDryer costs and whether there are some "hidden" costs of its use--such as requiring TWO CUPS of fabric softener.