Brain And Body Building Water For Kids: Y Water

The newest water on the block these days is a "developmental" water. It's for kids and it's called Y Water, as in why not? Y Water comes in four developmental formulas for kids: Brain Water, Bone Water, Immune Water, and Muscle Water. Why not?



Y Water is vitamin water for kids, but it seems to pack in more vitamins and minerals than most adult vitamin waters, which is good. Y water is organic, high in nutrients, and is low caloric -- 40 calories per nine ounces. The drinks have 10 or 11 grams of sugar, so the Y waters probably don't taste exactly like water.

The company has a few gimmicks to pump its water. The product is packaged to attract kids with its innovative bottle (Y-shaped) and colored waters. But the clincher is that the Y-bottles can be saved and used as building blocks, if you purchase the knots that link them together. Thus why not becomes Y Knot, the motto of the Y Water company.



It's all very cute, and doubtless mostly healthy, although I am not weighing in on the side of more than two teaspoons of sugar in nine ounces of water. It's certainly more enticing to a child to make water sweet, sugary drinks make one thirstier.

The Y Water web site is fun and appealing to kids, and it provides details on the contents of each brainy, bony, immune, and muscled waters. You can purchase the waters directly from Y Water, where the Knots are only a penny with a case of 24 bottles of water for $40, but with shipping and tax you might be paying closer to $60 per case, depending on where you live. sells Y Water for the same price, but you can purchase a case with free "super saving shipping."




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May 25, 2009
by Anonymous

is it bad?

it has sodium fluoride