Brain Controlled Robots Get One Step Closer


When it comes to the brain a lot of how exactly things work is still a mystery. Recently a science team at the University of Washington went in depth on the brain. The implanted a set of electrodes into the brains of seven people who have been diagnosed with Epilepsy.

The reason behind this is to help in the development of what is known as a brain-computer interface. The system, once it is up and running, would allow humans to control machines with their minds. While this obviously is not ready for now it could have two interesting applications.

The first is in the creation of medical technology that could help people who are paralyzed to control machines in the real world. The second application would be to allow the growing field of robotics to take a forward on the controls. Instead of joysticks or software interfaces robots of the future may just be able to respond to your thoughts.

Source: The Register

Image: Morgue File