Brain Games: MindFlex Literally Boggles the Mind

 The new MindFlex game from Mattel, which was a great big hit at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas,  is not your ordinary game. 

 MindFlex: EngadgetMindFlex: Engadget

The object of MindFlex is to levitate and move a ball around an obstacle course using only your mind.  Yes, only your mind!  MindFlex actually reads the player's brain waves to control an electronic fan which then controls the lift of the ball.  The player's  level of concentration actually determines how the ball moves around the obstacle course.

To begin, players strap a headset onto the head.  The headset includes three small sensors - two sensors clip onto each ear lobe and one sensor rests on the forehead.  Focusing and concentrating actually lifts and spins the ball while relaxing the mind allows the ball to lower. To move the ball around the obstacle course, just turn the knob on the front of the game.  18  different obstacles are  included in the game.


With MindFlex, the common phrase "mind over matter" has never been truer!  The game  is expected to be rolled out in the fall for just under $80.  In case you were wondering - the future is here!


Sources:  Neuorsky  and PC World .    Photos:   AP / Mattel and Engadget