Brain Powered Robots Coming to A Mind Near You


There are a lot of ways that robots can decide how to do what they do. They might be able to do it with their own set of laser sensors, or they might do it with a joystick. If you have not thought of it one of the ways that a robot may be able to get around is with your thoughts. At least it may be so in the near future. A team of French experts are working with a team of robot makers at a Japanese robotics institute to make thought controlled robots.

The bots, which are currently only in lab development, don't have psychic powers. The robots is able to detect the brain activity of the user by taking note of changes in the blood flow of the users. The research, which was done with some serious brain scans, allowed developers to create program that can detect the activity. While there are no prototypes out, it could have some applications for people with medical issues that impair movement or fine motor skills.

Source: Euro News
Image: Morgue File