Brainwave Toys - Do Today's Kids Have Enough Brain Power To Play?

The second mind-controlled game is a bit closer to my heart and works a bit better as a toy idea simply due to the fantasy aspects inherent in the marketing: The Star Wars Force Trainer.

Is The Force with this one?Is The Force with this one?

Anyone who reads my stuff here knows that I'm a die-hard Star Wars geek.  The idea of lifting a ball into the air using "The Force" calls to the inner child in me like the chimes of an ice cream truck coming 'round the corner of my street.

Yes... I like ice cream.  Particularly Strawberry Shortcake bars.  They're delicious.

The technology is the same, and while it's not as dynamic as Mindflex, The Force Trainer has a built-in fan-base.

This kid is a future Sith Lord... He just doesn't know it yet.This kid is a future Sith Lord... He just doesn't know it yet.

I think both toys will be quite successful over the holiday season for two reasons:

1. Any kid who loves Star Wars will think that they have The Force.

2. Parents will buy anything in a vain attempt to keep their kids from being the psychotic agents of chaos that they really are.

While it sounds like I'm poo-pooing these things, I'm really not.  I think anything designed to improve a kid's concentration is a good thing.  Not just for the kid... but for their parents' (and teachers') sanity.

And I think they're quite cool.  I'm thinking of getting one myself (guess which one) just to practice calming techniques to help my writing.

Use typing control (and mind control when typing) to get your own Mindflex and/or Star Wars Force Trainer at Amazon!

Jan 5, 2010
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture

I like your topic...

But you need an editor...  Nice idea - and I agree.  It can be a great tool for concentration.

Mar 1, 2010
by Anonymous

mind toys

Notice the word "mind" comes first; as in you must have one to play with these toys.For most kids today it wouldn't make any difference if this toy were plugged in our not.