7 Unique Eco-Friendly Pet Products From The Brand New Woolworth's!

The last of the great Woolworth's "five-and-dime" general stores in the U.S. closed its doors in 1997.  But the great-granddaughter of Frank Woolworth, Priscilla Woolworth, wanted to continue the legacy of her family à la 21st century.  Her general store is online, it's green, and it's eco-pet too!

Open since January, 2009, Priscilla Woolworth's Eco-Friendly General Store has impressive and competitively-priced products for cats, dogs, and outdoor birds!   Current stock includes:


1. Handmade Eco-Friendly Catnip Mice Toys For Cats

A beautiful pair of handmade cotton mice stuffed with 100% certified organic catnip!  Made by women in the cooperative of  Unidas Para Vivir Mejor (United for a Better Life, or UPAVIM), an income generation project based just outside Guatemala City, called Esperanaza.  You can read more about the women in this cooperative and purchase the mice here.



2.  Eco-Friendly Cat Scratch Lounge With Organic Catnip

This wonderfully-designed corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is double sided, and extra-compact, so it's estimated to last 10 times longer than a one sided mat.  But the real novelty here is its patented 3-sided design that gives cats their vertical and horizontal scratching surfaces in one scratcher. Made in the U.S.  A portion of the sale is donated to animal rescue services.




3.  Handmade Eco-Friendly Cat Collar

In the typical brightly-colored cotton weave that is uniquely Guatemalan, the Unidas Para Vivir Mejor (United for a Better Life, or UPAVIM) women's cooperative made this beautiful cat collar.




4. Eco-Friendly Fresh Goat's Milk Shampoo and Shampoo Bar for Dogs

Made with goats milk, neem, juniper, tea tree, meadow foam seed oil and shea butter... all ingredients that can't do anything but relieve and sooth your dog's dry skin and hot spots, naturally repel flleas and ticks, and provide natural conditioning and shine to your dog's coat.  If you want it to teach your dog how to bring you his leash, you will have to try something else.  Available as shampoo in a 12 ounce miniature milk bottle or as a 6 ounce shampoo bar.





5.  Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags: BioBags

Completely biodegradable dog waste bags, certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, promise to break down in a matter of days instead of years.  Size is large; a box of BioBag Dog comes with 50 bags.




6. Eco-Friendly Woven Vetiver Birdhouses

Vetiver is an aromatic grass which grows in tropical regions, such as Haiti. The grass has been lately acknowledged as a soil and water conservator, because its blades grow downwards rather than up so they act as roots, stabilizing the soil.  

These Vetiver Birdhouses are made by Haitian artisans and are Fair Trade items, as are other imported goods at Priscilla Woolworth.  They are intended for small birds like finch and wrens and thus have a small entry (approximately 1-1 1/4") to keep out larger predator birds.  Available in Vine and Vetiver, and all Woven Vetiver.




7.  Eco-Friendly Terra Cotta Birdhouses

Terra Cotta is at the top of the list of eco-friendly natural materials and, in this case, the Dutch are making good use of it.  These handmade pots are made as they were 300 years ago and it provides a great nesting space (1.5" opening) for sparrows, starlings, wrens, robins and other birds that feed on garden pests.  So save your plants and protect those birds with a Terra Cotta Birdhouse in Round or Oval.



While you're shopping for eco-friendly pet products, give a look to all the other items for kids and their parents too.  The items are not just recyclable but made of materials that don't rob the earth of hard to recover natural resources, and also Priscilla Woolworth's Eco-Friendly General Store does a great service to the world by supporting free trade cooperatives.

Oh, and for someone who didn't know anything about marketing until three years ago, Ms. Woolworth deserves credit for a well-designed and informative website... and she understands that providing access to good quality photos is the best way to get free publicity for her products!


That's the buzz for today!