Branded Medical Business: Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Hospital

Hello Kitty has been a major phenomenon to spread across Asia; although we have the brand here in North America, the trend hasn't quite blown up to the same level. In Taiwan, Hello Kitty is the basis for a themed business that you just wouldn't expect.

Hello Kitty HospitalHello Kitty Hospital

The $3 million dollar venture is based in Taiwan, and it's a maternity hospital that's all about Hello Kitty. The hospital can accommodate 30 patients who can enjoy the décor, with Hello Kitty appearing on the walls, the baby bassinets and the nurses' uniforms. Newborn babies born at the Hello Kitty hospital don't miss out either, since they are gifted their own set of whiskers, and Hello Kitty receiving blankets in pink or blue.

With the competition in the medical industry in the US, I wonder if this is a trend we can expect to see take off a little bit closer to home, with known brands putting their label and theme upon medical clinics to help set them apart?

Via: Weird Asia News

Sep 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Be Huge hit in the US alone

Bring this to the US & Id be a Huge HIT.

Great for Moms 2 be etc.

Secure & safe environs.

Franchise & expand this to US & Canada alone, EU.