Like Brangelina, “Phablets” Have Portmanteaued Into Our Zeitgeist


It’s seeminlgy logical once you take a few minutes to analyze the new tech term that’s become widely popular before formally entering our lexicon. Having grown in popularity only since 2012, the moniker is similar to the catchy portmanteaus of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The latest handheld device of choice is the the “phablet,” the word combo of “phone” and “tablet.”

Do you have Phablet Fever?

And who doesn’t - with larger screens approaching small tablet size and exceptional cameras which rival a lot of the high-end digital cameras in the market today -- they sure are tempting.

And with the holidays fast approaching, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or that made-up Seinfeld holiday called ‘Festivus,’ if you or one of those on your shopping list are lusting for one, there are three I would recommend this buying season.

According to most marketplace reports, the three catching all the buzz this year are the iPhone6 Plus, Google Nexus6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note4, and Jeff Brewer at Digital Eye has laid out some informative comparison charts for us to consider.

Features, Features, Features

Does the larger screen equate to being able to accomplish more without resorting to your laptop of even your tablet (remember three short years ago they were all the rage)?

Well as far as display is concerned, Nexus 6 has the largest screen, while the Note4 is said to have the greatest pixel density.

In regards to size and weight, the iPhone6 Plus weighs 172g, while the Note4 is slightly heavier at 176g and the Nexus6 is the heaviest of the three weighing in at a whopping 182g.

If the power of the processor is what you’re looking for, the Nexu6 has an extremely powerful one, perhaps the strongest — whereas the iPhone 6 Plus is said to the weakest of the three devices, even though its software is optimized to significantly high levels.

Picture Perfect

Now, as far as the camera, the Note4 and Nexus6 cameras are said to outrank the iPhone6 Plus when it comes to pixel ratings. The Note4 even with a 16-megapixel camera doesn’t do well however under low-lit conditions.

Some reviews indicate the Nexus6 seems to have the edge here. Even with less mexapixels at 13MP, it tested to be better than the Note4.

However with that said, the iPhone6 Plus performs better than both overall winning in the ‘camera’ criteria in terms of quality and versatility, even though the specs seem to say otherwise (note to self: the world of phablets isn't always that black and white!)

How long do those Batteries Live?

The Note4 has exceptional battery life with its 3220 mAh battery that will stay alive and alert as long as 82 hours, beating out the Nexus6 and iPhone6 Plus by two full hours.

At the end of the day. . .

All three phones have amazing specs - and are fairly comparable. However if you’re going for esthetics, the iPhone6 Plus in my humble opinion is the physically more attractive and has a slickness about it that makes it easier to handle.


What's the Damages?

As far as cost - after all we only have so much to spend for the holidays -- the Nexus6 is hands-down the most expensive - where some think that's its priced itself out of the market. Now available for pre-order at the Google Play Store in the U.S, pricing starts at $649 for the 32GB version in white or blue, rising to $699 for the 64GB version

On the other hand, the other two are much less pricey -- where the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB and the Note 4 32GB are both tagged at $299, with two-year contracts from most telecom carriers.

So are you ready to fall in love with our zeitgeist’s most popular portmanteau this December - or are you in a wait-and-see mode to see which device's popularity heats up the most?

Suffice to say, either way, we're definitely heading into a phabulous phablet holiday season! See you on the phones this Black Monday!