The Bravit Candle Spreads Like Wildfire

fun with firefun with fire

From a thin sheet of paraffin wax and a winding cotton wick the Bravit candle is born. Designed by German-born and Eindhoven-trained Christophe van Bömmel, the Bravit is sure to provide you with at least a few hours of entertaining candlelight, as you watch several flames pop up and disappear, then reemerge as they follow their predestined paths.

The wick loops and winds into branching patterns--some similar to that of some unknown molecular structure-- and as the flames traverse their paths the candle itself gradually transforms its shape completely. A single flame might split into two or more, veering off in new directions previously unanticipated whilst mesmerizing observers. Available in three different sizes (the largest, 76 cm in length), this ambient candlelight promises to last at least the duration of lengthy dinner party.

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