Brazen Brassiere: Unexpected Undergarment Puts A Hilarious Twist On The Nursing Bra

After yesterday's rather serious article about crafty Polygamists, today we'll up the humor ante with a totally hilarious, scandalous fashion craft, The Nursing Bra. While its name may not be anything unique - been there done that, right? It's not what you think; but don't discard what you're thinking entirely, because naturally an article about bras does have everything to do with breasts.

The Quilters of South Carolina have cast aside their bedding in favor of a much more scandalous project; the Artful Bra Project which has the mission of increasing breast cancer awareness. The bra exhibit, which will tour South Carolina until October 2009 features 49 brazen brassieres that are sure to make an impact.

The most notable of them all, is The Nursing Bra, while they might not be the naughtiest of nurses (depending upon personal attraction, of course), it's an unexpected undergarment worthy of a groan if not a chuckle.

New mothers beware; next time you think you're ordering a new nursing bra online, you might just be receiving this hilariously funny brazen bra in the mail!

Via: Extreme Craft  (Link to original project no longer active.)