Brazilian Chicken Cup Noodle's Goal Is To Win Over Your Taste Buds

World Cup Noodle anyone? Japan's Nissin Foods, the inventor of instant ramen and the Cup Noodle concept, is celebrating this year's 2014 FIFA World Cup with a samba-rific new flavor: Brazilian Chicken!

One look at the brightly (to say the least) colored graphics on the styrofoam cup and you know you've been transported somewhere far, far away from basic Chicken Ramen Cup Noodle (called “Cup O' Noodles” upon its American debut in 1971).

The differences widen even further once the purchaser peels back the lid and fills the cup to the line with hot water. Following the usual excruciatingly long 3 minutes waiting for the ingredients to rehydrate, one's patience is rewarded with an effusive abundance of aromatic flavor and a chicken-y kaleidoscope of tropical color!

Both sense sensations derive from the “Brazilian” herbs, spices and veggies accompanying plenty of scrambled seasoned eggs and generous chunks of grilled chicken – grilling (aka churrasco) being the Brazilian national pastime; next to futball, of course.

The main vegetables are cabbage and red bell pepper while the spice palette is dominated by red chili pepper, just to give the concoction some extra kick. Get it? You can, if you're in Japan and you've got a yen (170 yen, actually) for browsing the store shelves for new and interesting ramen varieties. (via Avocado Blog, Tsugarutic, and Kiyokutadasiku)