The Power of Rubble in Brazilian Graffiti










Known only as "Brazilian Graffiti", this incredible artwork was done on demolished buildings using rubble strewn about.

I love that these artists can create beauty in something so unsightly as a demolished building. There are incredible artists out there and I think these are definitely some of them.

It's too bad some parts of my town are littered with "boring" graffiti. If we had this I might even be able to walk downtown in dark alleys late at night. (Okay, maybe not.)




This one is my favorite. I would love to have something cool like this in my closet to scare people. I would name it my personal Bogeyman.





I would love to hire one of these artists to paint a mural on my wall in my bedroom. That way I could leave all my clothes on the floor and they could paint around them....that might work...I'd never have to clean again!













What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever seen these in person?

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Mar 25, 2008
by Anonymous

they look amazing

ive seen brazillian graffiti before, but ive not seen it done with demolished building. just makes the world a more colorful interesting place