Bread And Butter: A Skincare Subscription for Shopaphobic Men

There are exceptions to the rule of course, but we all know men who just don't want to step foot in a store no matter what the reason. Online shopping has transformed the way people shop, and many men (and women) have been relieved to avoid the lines and crowds at malls and big box stores. But even online shopping requires regular orders to be placed for essential items, which is why a new business has decided to accommodate shopaphobic men.

Men's SkincareMen's Skincare

Not only do some men hate stores, they don't like to admit that they have their own beauty and skincare regiment, which is quickly revealed the second they step into a shop to browse and pick up essential items. That's why Canada's Bread and Butter Skincare company offers men a subscription service; they receive orders twice a year and provide a package of products ideal for the changing seasons.

The annual cost for the skincare subscription from Bread and Butter is just over $100 CDN, and the kits are delivered in June and December. Each kit comes with a season-appropriate set that includes 2 facial cleaners, 2 moisturizers with SPF15 and 1 shave gel. Since it's a subscription service, men don't even need to remember to re-order or worry about running out, and for those regularly on the go, they're all the right size bottles for airline travel.

Via: Springwise