Bread In A Can: Fast And Easy Food That's Tasty

We have all had that dream. Hunger is grabbing hold of you with an unrelenting grip and then before you can say 'tickle my ear' up pops a can of bread....right? Well imagine my surprise when I encountered B&M's Bread (in a can). Indeed, two things went though my mind: 'that looks like a can of bread I want to try' and 'I wonder if I'm the only one who has had the weird 'can of bread' dream'. Nevertheless, it is time to explore just how useful a can full of bread is.

Choose your can of breadChoose your can of bread

B&M food company have done something which many of us will be kicking ourselves for not having thought of first. They have taken a big piece of yummy bread and bashed it into a can, meaning that if having a long-lasting can-shaped bit of bread stored away for emegencies is your thing, then you will be a happy camper.

With two lip-smackng flavors on offer, B&M provide their canned bread not only for the plain bread lovers, but also for those partial to a raisin. And let's face it, who is not partial to a raisin?

Whether you like your bread canned, boxed, or in any other sort of strange container, one thing is for sure; trying to resist new tasty food ideas, particularly when they are packaged up in a shiny can adorned with sparkly pictures, is next to impossible.

The ins and outs of bread in a canThe ins and outs of bread in a can

Putting aside the 'it's a massive can of bread' jokes, there could well be serious benefits to canned bread. The protection offered to the bread by the can will allow the bread to remain eadible for a long period of time. This means that the canned bread can always be stored, whether this be in the car for emergencies, or in ration bags for long expeditions.

A pack of six 16-ounce B&M Bread cans will take around a $33-sized bite out of your cash reserves, with glowing reviews and purchasing available at Amazon here.

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Feb 27, 2013
by GMan

Fruitcake vs Canned

Fruitcake vs Canned Bread?

Really, what does canned bread have over fruitcake?

First off if you loose your can opener you can still eat your fruitcake.

Fruitcake also has way more flavor choices.

Then there is shelf life.

Per your canned bread company ...
"Our B&M Brown Bread products have a 3 year best quality dating from the date of manufacture stamped on the top lid of all cans.
Although safe to consume after that time we cannot guarantee that the product will be of the same high quality as when it was first filled"

But according to ...
"If a fruit cake contains alcohol, it could remain edible for many years. For example, a fruit cake baked in 1878 is kept as an heirloom by a family (Morgan L. Ford) in Tecumseh, Michigan.[6] In 2003 it was sampled by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.[7] To lengthen the shelf life of a fruit cake, wrap the cake in alcohol soaked linen before storing. [8]"

Btw ... Did you notice the word "alcohol" there alongside "Fruitcake"?!!! How about finding us a canned bread product that can simultaneously provide us sustenance and a buzz? Clearly fruitcake wins on the count of also offering the "delightful flavor of booze"!

Lastly, what is wrong with failing to include "canned" as a bread type on their page for "How Long Does Bread Last?"

btw ... Thank you for featuring canned bread without mentioning the words: apocalypse, survival or hunting :-)