The Bread Chair, A Little Slice of Seating Paradise


"I could eat - sandwiches of you..." Those of a certain age and a liking for late 70's British art-rock may be familiar with this tune from Godley & Creme's "L" album, and will recall the odd mental imagery induced by listening to it. Coming across the Bread Chair at the Rinkya Blog brought back those New Wave memories at full volume.

So what's the Bread Chair and, perhaps more importantly, how was the idea for it first conceived? As for the latter, I think we've all been there... opening up a freshly purchased bag of sliced white bread, reaching in for a couple of slices and marveling at their lush, springy consistency. If only they were bigger... MUCH bigger... bing!

Evidently the concept was a winner, since Japan's largest online retailer, Rakuten, is fresh out of Bread Chairs. No matter, just like bread they'll bake up a bunch more - one hopes. In the meantime, we can at least imagine what planting your buns in THEIR buns must be like... probably the greatest thing since, well, you know. 

If the Bread Chair is available, perhaps the Bread Pillow will satisfy our hunger for bigger?

(via Tokyo Times, main image via Spluch)  

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Oct 18, 2009
by Anonymous


Something that can imagined only by Japan...

Oct 28, 2009
by Anonymous

i want this chair

where can i get it?! i tried going to the website and its all in japanese... i have no idea whats going on.