Bread Tags Make Tiny Cute Eco-friendly Monsters

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Are bread tags recyclable? Well... they're definitely craftable. Just take a look at these adorable bread tag monsters and see what I mean.

These little monsters, crafted by Amanda from Crafts by Amanda, are reused bread tags, (the plastic bread clips that are used to close the bread bag). Amanda collected these bread tags for months then made them into cute colorful monsters. First she painted them. Then she sketched out monster designs on a sheet of paper. When the paint dried she applied the design to the painted bread tags. To keep the paint from peeling off she sprayed them with sealer paint and voila or BOO! The bread tag monsters are here.

Her innovative idea for reusing bread tags is simple, adorable and makes a perfect eco-friendly and kid-friendly Halloween project. Take a look at Amanda's website for more cute eco-friendly Halloween craft ideas.

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Sep 20, 2010
by Anonymous

'eco-friendly' ?

Uhhh, not to poo-poo anyone's creative idea, because I think Amanda did a nice job... but what happens when the kids grows a bit older and get tired of these? Won't they be thrown away at that point... now with paint and other plastic bits glued onto them? Thus... making these simply a delayed version of their eco-unfriendly breathren? Maybe a more eco-friendly technique would be to sell/give them back to the bread producers to use again. In summary, I guess I am saying "Please check your use of the phrase 'eco-friendly' before using!" Thanks.