Break For Free Beer: Amstel Pause Awesome Vending Machine

In today's world, it is pretty hard to just stop and smell the roses as we are constantly consumed with doing something, even when at rest. The inability for people to shut themselves off from technology, for example, has been the inspiration of many online memes and rants urging people to spend time with each other, or focus on or appreciate their surroundings. While many people recognize that they are guilty seeing life through their electronic devices, rather than opening their eyes, stepping back for a break is often easier said than done.

Amstel Pause Vending Machine: Photo Courtesy of Amstel Bulgaria YouTubeAmstel Pause Vending Machine: Photo Courtesy of Amstel Bulgaria YouTube

That is why Amstel Beer has created quite possibly the coolest vending machine in history, a favorite business concept of InventorSpot readers, and there has been some steep competition.

This vending machine has it all - you really won't be disappointed if you are lucky enough to encounter this bundle of awesome which dispenses one of the world's favorite beverages - beer!  It may even be more thrilling than the Smart Beer Vending Machine in the Czech Republic, and other vending business ideas featured in 2008's Most Weird and Wacky Vending Machines. Although, tt is hard to truly classify this as a business concept, as the vending machine dispenses products without ever taking anyone's money. But vending machine features tend to be the most popular around here, so I would be doing you a disservice by not covering it just because of that little fact. And, in theory, "payment" is obtained by the machine for the product, it is just not so conventional and makes consumers feel as though they simply have access to free samples.

Now that I have you all in suspense, I will tell you exactly how you "pay" for the product that this vending machine dispenses, since you're already familiar with the product itself (if you caught the headline). To earn a free beer, all you need to do is nothing for three minutes while watching the countdown clock. A bell chimes when you can resume your regularly scheduled program with a Pilsner in hand.

How awesome is it that this vending machine actually rewards you for doing something that benefits you? If only a moment of introspection was regularly accepted currency to purchase all sorts of goods and services from a variety of business concepts in operation. Even if Amstel Pause is the greatet vending machine on this planet, others looking to jump in the convenient dispensing band wagon should skip this business model if they want to obtain financial success. Unless of course establishing a fan following is aspiration enough, and there's no argument that it is a fantastic marketing initiative.

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