Promoting Breast Awareness

A few days ago, I had posted some of the nontraditional advertising and marketing programs created  to inform women about the importance of  breast cancer screening. Here are some more traditional, yet still very creative,  means of advertising being used to support the cause.

Check out this ad from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And this one...

Advertising Agency: Graffiti Marketing Communication, Kuwait
Creative Director:Boutros al Hajj

In regard to this next ad, Liwa Advertising says, "Breast Cancer is the most prevalent cancer amongst women. It is estimated that it affects more than 1 million women worldwide, every year. But, Breast Cancer does not just affect health. It also affects the happiness of millions of families."

The controversial part of this ad is the subliminal use of twin children as a metaphor for two breasts.

Creative agency: Liwa Advertising, Dubai.
Creative director: Suhas Rege
Copywriter: Shanty
Art director: Vinayak Adate


This following ad is by Intermarkets for the BurJuman Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation (Safe & Sound).

Agency: Intermarkets, Dubai
Copywriter: Sandra
Art Director: Parameswaran
Creative Director: Virendra Deshmukh

The message of this ad is to not let breast cancer eclipse your life; examine yourself today.

Project: Breast Cancer Awareness
Client: Wall Street Exchange
Creative agency: Liwa Advertising, Dubai UAE

The communication objective of this ad was to create awareness about the disease and persuade woman to go for Mammography.

Client: Emirates Today
Agency: Campbell-Ewald
Creative Director: Jude Cherian
Copywriter: Shoeb Shaikh
Art Director: Binoj Ramachandran
Graphic Designer: Shyju TK
Account Director: Jacob Kuruvilla

Avon is known for being very upfront with their fight for breast cancer.

The Avon campaign was developed at Vaculik Advertising, Bratislava, by creatives Milan Hladko, Martin Keder and Denisa Korenkova. Photographer was Zuzana Šulajová.

Here is another one from Avon, this one was part of the large outdoor campaign they ran that featured bus shelters, subways and billboards.

Celebrities are even fighting the for the cause. Here are some print ads from Ford and the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

M&M used this series of print ads to inform the public of the pink M$Ms they were selling with part of the proceeds going to the cause.

 What do you think  of these advertisements. Do you think they work better that the 10 Most Shocking AIDS campaigns  I wrote about last week in increasing awareness?

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Aug 23, 2007
by Mike S (not verified)

How are women supposed to protect themselves from pollutants?

How much of a part do pollutants in the environment, food, clothing, etc, play a part in cancers? How are women supposed to protect themselves from them? Maybe you need a shot of a woman walking around in a Hazmat suit that is tailored to their curves.