Breath-A-Licious Has Free Bone For A Kissable Companion

This ad is from the Dancing Paws® Breath-A-Licious website. Maybe there's something in the Dancing Paws® Breath-A-Licious™ treats, like sodium tripolyphosphate, let's say, that affects humans in strange ways.

Dancing Paws is offering to send you a free Breath-A-Licious bone so you can have a "kissable companion." But I'm pretty sure it intends for you to give the Breath-A-Licious to your dog, not your husband.

The Breath-A-Licious contains peppermint, parsley, dill, fennel, and chlorophyll, as well as the aforementioned sodium tripolyphosphate. So far, I have not read anything positive, healthwise, about this last ingredient, but you are welcome to do your own research.

Nevertheless, Breath-A-Licious claims that the bones remove tartar build-up, aid in digestion, alleviate gas, and soothe upset stomachs.

Heck, maybe I should give them to my husband! (available from


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