Breathalyzer Vending Machines: Business Comes Along On time For The Holidays

Right on time for the holiday season is a new, innovative vending machine that's designed to prevent drunk driving. Let's be realistic, in concept it's not entirely new, but its approach to the market is unique!


Alcospot creates vending machines that can be purchased for installation in businesses. Unlike other varieties of machines of this type, these machines aren't meant to work as a bar gag like some that are featured as arcade style games. These are legitimate breathalyzer machines that can help individuals determine if they're safe to drive.

Those who purchase Alcospot machines for their businesses can customize the outside designs, and also select the type of coin and currency they'd like them to accept so they can blend right on in!

Via: CoolBusinessIdeas

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Dec 13, 2009
by Anonymous

How this work?

Which customer would Volunteer to have breath tested by machine?
& would machine send results to Bar owner & or PD or to Said user.

Very scary.

Posotive note: Find Out before U drive?

Places for use:
Las Vegas
College towns with bars
Dining areas
VIP Airport clubs.

but whod volunteer to use machine in 1st place.

Jan 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Re: How this work?

The machine does not keep or print any record of the test nor doe it have the ability to transmit any information to any one.