The Breathalyzer Watch - Our New Drinking Buddy

Intoxication affects individuals differently. Some people can hold their alcohol better than others. However, on the issue of legality, differentiating states of intoxication is not done by how a person feels. There is a legal standard to determine that and breaching that threshold is grounds for serious legal consequences. However, most people who have a drink or two do not have the equipment to measure the level of alcohol in their system, if they did, they could objectively measure the levels and refrain from driving. This is where Tokyoflash comes in. They decided to put the breathalyzer in the hands of the public.

Tokyoflash devised a watch, the Kisia Intoxicated, that has the ability to measure the alcohol level by analyzing the breath exhaled by a person. The watch even has a sobriety game where one can check reflex times - a good measure of being impaired. As for the breathalyzer, there is a screw latch at the side of the watch. Breathing into it for five seconds and then waiting for a few seconds, gives the watch the time needed to analyze the vapor and determine if the person is intoxicated above the legal limit.

What's great about this is that it takes the guess work out of the picture. Many people feel fine and don't have a way of knowing if they are above the limit. This is also partly true because most people do not know what it feels like when they are at or above the legal limit. This is a great device that wraps innocuously on your wrists and can be with you anytime of the day. It even has an alarm for happy hour to let you know it's time enjoy a pint with friends. It comes with a clock and alarm features, the sobriety game and the breathalyzer, all in one.