Breathe Easier With PrO2 - FItness For Your Lungs


Respiratory fitness is one of the most important aspects of athletic performance. It is also very important in day to day life. How many times have you found yourself out of breath after climbing a couple of flights of stairs? PrO2 sets out to improve your respiratory fitness without having you do long runs or sprints.

Traditionally, athletes and those into improving their fitness and general health train to improve their respiratory fitness through running, biking, swimming and any other exercise that will make them breathe harder. Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is another method for improving your breathing, but is most often used in clinical and medical environments. PrO2 brings this method to the palm of your hand. 

PrO2 Helps You Breathe EasierPrO2 Helps You Breathe Easier

PrO2 comes with an app and can be connected to your smartphone or other device via Bluetooth and the app. The app guides you through various breathing exercises that are proven to improve your respiratory fitness. With the app, you can see your progress in real time. After just one breath PrO2 calculates your Fatigue Index Test (FIT) score and builds a personalized training program for you. 

PrO2 AppPrO2 App

Through the personalized program, PrO2 will improve your FIT score and so your breathing. The higher your FIT score, the more activity you can do before feeling breathless. Training for 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week, with PrO2 can give you results in about two weeks. Those who trained for 6-8 weeks with PrO2 saw breathing muscle power, work capacity and strength increase by an average of 50%. This corresponded with a 10% increase in aerobic capacity. 

If breathing easier is a goal of yours, or if you're an athlete looking for that edge, PrO2 can give you those results. The device isn't yet on the market, but you can find out more information and sign up for updates on production time frames on the PrO2 website