Eco-Friendly 'Breathing Chair' Puts Your Butt On The Block

The "Breathing Chair", created by Taiwanese designer Yu-Ying Wu, has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award for 2009 in the home furniture design concept category.

The chair, which outwardly resembles a block of healthy organic tofu, is made of  high-density foam plastic and though it looks white, it's really green: the foam is  100 percent environmentally-friendly and can be recycled when the time comes.

Yu-Ying Wu, who recently graduated from Taiwan-based Tatung University's  Department of Industrial Design program, used mathematical calculations to arrive at the most effective arrangement of triangular "cells" that make up the body of the chair. Once coated with three layers of foamed plastic, the chair is able to automatically conform to the sitter's body regardless of the weight applied.

Once the sitter stands up, the foam cells quickly spring back to their original shapes and the chair as a whole becomes an appealingly textured block once again. Wu, who suffers from chronic knee problems, designed the chair with the needs of the disabled in mind. When sat upon, the chair gradually assumes a form-fitting state and it rebounds slowly when the sitter's weight is lifted in the process of standing up.

Wu was presented with the coveted Red Dot Design award in a ceremony that took place in Singapore this past summer. It's quite an achievement for the young designer, who had to surpass 4,800 other works submitted by designers from over 60 countries and regions. The Breathing Chair will be on display at Singapore's Red Dot Design Museum for the next year. (via Core77 and CCTV)

Nov 28, 2009
by Anonymous

THAT is cute. It's probably

THAT is cute. It's probably expensive too.... damn.
When they come up with a less expensive and wallet-friendly alternative, make sure you post it.