The Breville 9.6 Cordless Hand Blender Does Everything But Cook

If you're overwhelmed by food processors, but you'd like to have an appliance that performs like one, the Breville 9.6V Cordless Hand Blender is for you. It juices, chops, whips, and blends with its interchangeable attachments and you've got complete control.







The 9.6 volt long-life NiMh batteries are easily charged on the Breville Blender's base which will also hold a Blender attachment. The Breville Hand Blender has four multi-tiered fins within its stainless steel covering, and for juicing citrus fruits. A loop attachment whips up smoothies, shakes and whipped creams.



The smoothie attachment is designed with two aerating ovals to maximize the amount of air introduced. Traditional chopping and blending can be achieved easily with the stainless steel blade attachments.



And, the Breville also comes with a 32 ounce mixing container. All elements, except for the charging base, are dishwasher safe.

The safety features on the Breville Hand Blender are impressive. There are two on-off buttons and both must be intentionally held down in order to operate the blender. Additionally, the soft-grip handle has an "active arm" system with buitl-in sensors to monitor the position of the blender as it comes in contact with the food.

The only potential drawback I can see is that the Breville only has two operating speeds, where most food processors have several, and the bare-bones hand mixers have at least three. Hopefully, the two speeds are sufficient to cover the spectrum of functions of at least a medium size standing food processor.

The Breville 9.6V Cordless Hand Blender is available from

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