Breville Milk Cafe Perfectly Froths Your Cappuccino


If you are a coffee lover there is nothing quite like waking up with a hot cup of your favorite brew or kicking back with friends while enjoying a specialty java drink.  The allure of coffee seems to be partly about the drink itself and partly about the experience.  It is the kind of beverage that people tend to take their time with not only because it is often hot, but also because it is something to be savored.

For those who love specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos there is a device on the market that looks like it could help you create these treats more easily at home.  The Breville Milk Cafe reportedly heats and whips milk to just the right consistency for your beverage of choice.  You don’t have to have an expensive espresso machine or special barista skills to froth perfect cappuccino foam or smooth, rich latte milk.

The gadget comes with two disks – one for creating bubbly foam for cappuccino type drinks and another for creating silky foam, perfect for lattes or other creamy hot drinks.  It uses induction heating to warm the milk to the appropriate temperature.  If you have friends over it is not a problem as the device can do milk for up to three drinks.  It costs about $160, but if it saves you from hitting up the local coffee house on your way to work each day then it will pay for itself in no time.