Breville Pie Maker Creates Perfect Mini Pies On Your Countertop



It is probably obvious by now, but I love desserts.  I am obsessed with pretty much all kinds of them.  I also really enjoy baking (dangerous combination, I know), but the one thing that I hate to bake is pies.  That is not to say that I don’t like eating them, but making them is just a little too fussy for me.  There is the pastry making, the filling and the crimping.  Then, even if you manage to get that pie into the oven looking presentable, you sometimes open the door to find a leaky, sticky mess that in no way resembles what you initially put in there.

Enter the Breville Pie Maker.  This gadget looks like it could take a lot of the frustration out of pie making.  It cooks four individual sized pies at a time and has a non-stick cooking surface.  A crust cutter made to cut the right sized pastry pieces for the device is included.  When closed, It also seals and crimps the pie edges, so you do not have to worry about filling seeping out.

I guess if you normally make regular sized pies this is probably not going to help, but if you like smaller servings or want to make some homemade meat pies for the freezer then this looks to be a great little gadget.  This would make a nice holiday gift for the baker in the family and would likely be the kind of gift that gives back again and again.

Source: CNet