Brew Thru: Drive Thru Beer Franchise, Smart For Business, Bad For Drivers

Americans have forever wished for liquor store drive thrus, but the closest you get are the drive thru daiquiri bars of New Orleans. Since beer is a drinker's best friend, a new franchisor has decided it's a great idea to introduce a similar convenience.

Brew ThruBrew Thru

Brew Thru is a drive thru vending machine concept, and while it's sure to be popular if it actually takes off, it's just a bad idea. Profit doesn't make a business concept smart, especially not one that is meant to cater to college students by offering beer in a drive thru setting. Of course, they're not encouraging drinking and driving, per say..but they're providing the most convenient opportunities to do so.

The North Carolina company won't just cater to the heavily drinking college crowd; since they also plan to sell funky t-shirts and snacks as well, they'll offer the same conveniences to those with other vices without discrimination.

Go ahead, start putting your money down now to profit from the franchise - a good business idea from an ethical stand-point is not mutually exclusive from one sure to make money.

Via: Examiner

Apr 26, 2010
by Anonymous

not a new concept

These have been in Texas for at least 20 years (not this franchise, but this concept). Yes, I think it's one of the reasons we're one of the fattest states - you don't even have to walk for vices. However, I don't think it encourages more drinking and driving since you still have to drive home even if you get out of your car to buy alcohol.