BrickPi: Making Robots Out of Raspberry Pi

ChipsetChipsetMany of you are likely to be familiar with the Raspberry Pi project. The project, which aims to help users make their own Linux based computer for about $25. The system has been able to do some really cool things thus far, and now it is adding something even cooler. Now the budget friendly system is going to be able to support its own robots.

A project currently on Kickstarter, dubbed BrickPi, is set up to let the Pi computer support robots. The robot bodies will come from the Lego Mindstorm system. The founders describe the function of the add-on in the following terms, "connects, controls, and powers Mindstorm motors and sensors, and provides power to the Raspberry Pi."

For now the only way to get Brick Pi is to donate to the fund. People who donate $35 to the cause will get the BrickPi add on's itself. For an additional $10 donated a case for the unit will be included as well. The project is being made by Dexter Industries, is expected to ship in August of this year.

Source: Arstechnica
Image: Morgue File