Bride & Groom USB Drives: What Memories Are Made Of

Give the gift of memories that will never fade... locked inside these adorable bride & groom USB flash drives! Imagine attending a good friend's wedding and recording photographic and video highlights on your digital camera.

Copy the digital data onto one or both of the anthropomorphic electronic drives and voila: you've got a unique wedding gift with the bonus being the lucky newlyweds can use and re-use their USB drives anytime, anywhere and for anything.

Choose from Japanese or Western bride & groom combos - it's amusing how the designer has chosen to portray all four. The Japanese hubby looks like he's got mischief on his mind while his wife-to-be fixes the floor with a downcast, submissive gaze. The Western groom appears to have gotten an early start on the celebratory champagne while his bride... can you say Bridezilla? Ouch! View a closeup image here.

Memories aren't cheap, just like weddings, but who can really put a price on wedded bliss? Even if it only lasts one day, these bride & groom USB drives will keep those precious memories fresh as your corsage Get yours at Rinkya Stores for 3,045 yen or about $33.50. (via A Rinkya Blog)(EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bride and Groom USB's are now available in the US here.)

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