Briggo Coffee Vending Machines: The Future Of Coffee Brewing?

Vending machines are among the most popular business concepts oCoffee VendingCoffee Vendingut there - at least according to our readers! And you know what else is incredibly popular with the masses? Coffee! Now these two things are being combined, there's a new concept that just might be the best in the world.

Briggo Coffee is the name behind the innovative new machines that produce the type of coffee drinks you'd have your local barrista make without any need to talk to a human. When it comes to getting a coffee fix, this can be incredibly appealing to many individuals who know that they just aren't personable until they've had their first cup of java. That is the best possible marketing perk as it stands, don't you think?

Briggo OrderingBriggo Ordering

But, there are a lot of other cool features that accompany on of the most innovative vending machines we have seen for some time. Coffee drinkers don't place their order on the machines themselves, or at least they don't have to. Instead they can use their smart phones to place their orders, which are fully customizable with all the typical coffee ingredients.  A wait time for the drink is available through the app, and customers that have favorite drink options can save their favorites for ease of ordering. Text message notifications can be sent as well to inform coffee drinkers when their beverage of choice is ready.

Briggo KioskBriggo Kiosk

The company understands that part of the coffee shop experience is the feeling of having a local place to hang out. That's what they decided to market the whole vending machine as more of a destination than a piece of technology (which makes it an even cooler vending machine, if you ask me). They've called it the Coffew\e Haus, and it's been given an outside look of an intimate cafe.

The first location for this unique coffee vending machine was the University of Texas in Austin. They plan to introduce many more! 

Via: Daily Mail, Briggo Facebook

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