Brightly Colored Solar Panels With Less Silicon Harness Indirect Sunlight

via GreenSun Energyvia GreenSun Energy

If you love solar power and solar products, but fear the impact shade from cloudy or dark days may have on your panels, your fears conquered soon. GreenSun Energy Ltd. has found a colorful and innovative new way to harness indirect sunlight.

GreenSun Energy Ltd. is a Jerusalem based research company who plans on "producing advanced photovoltaic solar panel systems which will cost less, be more efficient, and provide better ROI than any product currently on the market" (GreenSun Energy Ltd).

So far GreenSun has created these vibrantly colored square panels made with nanoparticles of an undisclosed metal and with luminous dyes. It is the bright colors hues of the panels that capture different parts of sun's spectrum making it possible for the solar panels to capture indirect sunlight.

Also, the edges of each plate contain strips of silicon. Because of this the panels waste less heat than today's solar panels. How? The silicon edges play an important role. When the indirect light hits the GreenSun solar panel the light spreads across the panel to the edges with silicon where it is then converted into energy.

In addition these luminous panels require 80% less silicon in comparison to traditional solar panels. This makes the panels much more cost effective. Unfortunately, these luminous solar panels are not as energy efficient as the traditional solar panel. So far GreenSun has only been able to achieve 12% efficiency rate with their solar panels. To go commercial with these panels GreenSun must find a way to make them more energy efficient.

If GreenSun succeeds these innovative solar panels will bring more energy efficient and affordable solar power to all of us. So, stop cursing the clouds and dark skies (they bring relief for those of us in the heat). In the near future shade may not no longer be a solar power obstacle.

For more information visit GreenSun Energy here and take a look at this video form National Geographic.

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Sep 19, 2009
by Anonymous

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