Carry Your Goal In A Duffel With Goalrilla's Gamemaker

Gamemaker Transportable GoalGamemaker Transportable Goal

Training for sports is tough. Even tougher is training for a sport when the equipment is hard to come by--equipment like soccer goals. Not all soccer players have an eight foot tall goal in their backpack, but they could. That's right, they could have a soccer goal in their backpack with the Goalrilla Gamemaker.

Goalrilla specializes in sports equipment (like the Spring Trainer), especially goals. The Goalrilla Gamemaker is a transportable soccer goal that fits in a duffel bag when disassembled. With this goal, soccer players can carry their equipment to a local park or open field and practice. Their training will no longer be regulated to team practice and two trees that are kind of close together. 

Goalrilla GamemakerGoalrilla Gamemaker

The Gamemaker is made of a flexible polymer tubing that is inflatable, which means that set-up is super fast--under two minutes. And the material is lightweight (lightweight, but also solid), so carrying it around isn't a pain. It also comes in five different sizes, plus a regulation Futsal size, to suit the players' needs. 

You can find the Gamemaker goals on Amazon or at a number of sporting goods stores. These goals won't necessarily break the bank either. The smaller of the five will cost you around $125 and the largest is about $620. Those prices are on the upper end of soccer goal prices, but remember you're paying for quality convenience with the Gamemaker.

Source: Goalrilla

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